Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I met today with a design agency to discuss the potential of working together. All was going smoothly until the creative director asked me to list some design influences. A simple enough question, right? My brain farted and I muttered something along the lines of "usafgsh."


If you are ever faced with this question and your noggin' lets you is a short list of designers and websites that inspire me to help you out. Friends don't let friends look stupid.

Tim Gough, Graphic designer & illustrator [traditional print style]
S├ębastien Nikolaou, Greek graphic designer & illustrator [flyer work]
Julien de Repentigny, Graphic designer and artistic director [3Deelicious]
Zeptonn, Graphic designer, illustrator & art director Jan Willem Wennekes/ Zeptonn [creative creatures]
Iain Crawford, photographer [texture]
Bloomsberry & Co., New Zealand based designer chocolate bar company [packaging & company branding]
The Die Line, Packaging designs from around the globe [packaging]
FFFFound, web service that allows users to post their favorite images found on the web and dynamically recommends inspirational imagery [blogging resource]
Geekologie, Gadgets & gizmos galore [blogging resource]
ILoveTypography Typography, Fonts & Typfaces [blogging resource]

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