Wednesday, July 28, 2010


When the magic mouse came out, I'll have to admit I wasn't that taken by it. Apple's new Magic Trackpad is an entirely different story. It's the same as the trackpad on the MacBook Pro - just bigger. Using finger gestures you can scroll, swipe, pinch, and rotate. The entire surface is a clickable button. iLike!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last week I posted an Old Spice commercial that is rapidly growing in popularity. Unsurprisingly YouTube parodies are rampant.

Old Spice is cleverly keeping the hype going by having Isaiah Mustafa reply in video form to tweeted questions. Here's the link to the YouTube video responses.

Friday, July 16, 2010


This commercial is pure genius. I love the concept and the visual effects are perfection.

Friday, July 9, 2010


When turned off, the LED SAMURAI Faceless Wrist Watch looks like a simple metal bracelet. Turned on, the device becomes a digitial timepiece that displays the hour and minute. It retails for around $1,000. Steep!

Diesel has been coming out with some wicked watch designs lately like the DZ9044- a faceless wristwatch concept that displays 4 different time zones on its sides. The watch comes in silver and black and retails for around $365.

Also by Diesel, this watch features a stainless steel case with mirror electroplating and finishinga scrolling digital display with red LED numbers. Simple, futuristic and retailing for $170.

This feminine design by Robin Lapo Bigio & Olivero Zanon emphasizes the accessory factor of a watch and hides the technology. The “i/o” concept is a cuff bracelet with a glossy mirror surface that only allows light through from underneath where there is a hidden digital clock. When not in use the face shows a simple digital dot. When you want to use it, simply touch the dot and the time appears.

At first glance the Aurora, designed by Jihun Yeom, looks like an empty watch frame. If you touch the glass laser-like lights around the inner face show you the time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


A friend of mine just bought a new bookshelf and his purchase inspired me to blog about some other cool shelving I've recently come across.

The Graffititek bookshelf by French designer Charles Kalpakian incorporates non-traditional lines and built in fluorescent lights for a really cool modern look.

Shelf by designer Da-Eun Song is the perfect place to display your favorite books.

The Brace Case by Ward Huting is a shelving unit that uses taut cables to house books, magazines and other flat objects at various angles. The customizable modular system allows owners to choose how to install the cables.

The Salkim bookhanger by unal & boler plays on the idea of lightness to an typically heavy structure- the bookshelf. Side note: Salkim means “bunch” or “cluster” (as in grapes) in Turkish.