Sunday, July 4, 2010


A friend of mine just bought a new bookshelf and his purchase inspired me to blog about some other cool shelving I've recently come across.

The Graffititek bookshelf by French designer Charles Kalpakian incorporates non-traditional lines and built in fluorescent lights for a really cool modern look.

Shelf by designer Da-Eun Song is the perfect place to display your favorite books.

The Brace Case by Ward Huting is a shelving unit that uses taut cables to house books, magazines and other flat objects at various angles. The customizable modular system allows owners to choose how to install the cables.

The Salkim bookhanger by unal & boler plays on the idea of lightness to an typically heavy structure- the bookshelf. Side note: Salkim means “bunch” or “cluster” (as in grapes) in Turkish.