Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Get ready for a bizarre post.

First up is the Vertebrae necklace by art student and jewelry designer Molly Epstein made from glass-filled nylon. She made this piece while studying at Temple University and apparently it went into production. Unfortunately, that's all the info. I have on the work. Sorry to my creepy readers with their credit cards already out.

Next up...Anatomically Correct Bone Socks.

They're not just cool, they're educational as well with the "real" names for your big toe, shin bone and more. A great gift for your emo friend's next birthday.

Available for purchase on

And last but not least....a bladder purse! Designed by SkinBag, this odd accessory is biodegradable and highly overpriced at a whopping 150 euros.

More weird anatomical fashion posts to come. In the meantime might I suggest knitting yourself a pair of ovary earrings?

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